About ScreenMeet Support

ScreenMeet is a cloud-native SaaS remote desktop and co-browse solution. ScreenMeet works on all customer platforms including Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, and all browsers. The support agent only needs a web browser.

Our Customers?

As the leader in Remote Support tools for the Human-powered Service Revolution, ScreenMeet empowers executives with the software they need to provide modern customer support.

  • VP, Support

    Looking for a modern, remote support experience for your customers and your agents?
  • CIO

    Cloud-native and globally deployed. ScreenMeet writes all data to your existing CRM/ITSM solution for security and data analytics.

How It Works

Born in the cloud, ScreenMeet just works

Users click the link or enter a 6 digit code into a webpage or app. ScreenMeet automatically detects their platform and guides them through cobrowse or remote support process for their device.

ScreenMeet Management

  • Ben Lilienthal CEO & Co-Founder

    Previously GM, Citrix Online Audio.
  • Eugene Abovsky CTO & Co-Founder

    Real-time communications expert.

Why ScreenMeet

  • Easy to use

  • 256-bit SSL encryption

  • CRM & ITSM Integration

  • Modern SaaS for Modern Users